Marketing and communications professional seeks an opportunity to build upon international experience in the music business. Passionate and knowledgable about cymbals, drums, and the music industry.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
• Andrew Herygers - CV

Letters of Recommendation (PDFs)
• Wayne Blanchard, Senior Marketing Manager - Sabian Cymbals Ltd.
• Denis Lavoie, President - LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.
• Frank Ricketts, Vice President - The CCL Group

Marketing Portfolio (Links)
• Sabian Cymbals
• LED Roadway Lighting

Feature Articles (Links)
• “Wintersleep, On the Jagged Edge of East Coast”
• “Slowcoaster’s Fast Track”
• “John Campbelljohn, The Sultan of Slide”
• “Jenn Grant... In Flight”

Photography (Link)
• The East Coast Music Awards

Creative Skills:
• Creative Direction
• Graphic Design
• Copy Writing
• Photography
• Illustration
• Social Media
• Web Design
• Product Videos
• Digital Audio
• Artist Relations
• Drums & Percussion

Industry Experience:
• Sabian Cymbals (Marketing, Communications, Design, & Photography)
• Long & McQuade (Marketing, Communications, & Design)
• Buckley's Music (Marketing, Communications, & Design)
• Muzik Etc. Magazine (Feature Writer & Photographer)
• Drums Etc. Magazine (Feature Writer & Photographer)
• Silverfox Drumsticks (Design)
• Modern Drummer Magazine (Illustration)
• The Montréal Drum Festival (Photography)
• The East Coast Music Awards (Photography)

Let's Talk:
Andrew Herygers, B.DES, CGD
T: 1.902.405.7972

 CGD - Certified Graphic Designer, Graphic Designers of Canada

CGD - Certified Graphic Designer, Graphic Designers of Canada