Andrew {Her-ray-grz} is a Canadian / Dutch designer, artist, and writer with twenty years of professional experience. His creative career includes design and art direction with leading Atlantic Canadian advertising and marketing agencies. Andrew also contributes visual and written content to a variety of Canadian book & magazine publishers. Most recently he has held marketing and communications management roles with international technology company, LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. and world-renowned music brand, Sabian Cymbals. Andrew earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design from NSCAD University and currently serves as the President of the Atlantic Chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada. 


Potential Roles:
• Design Manager • Studio Manager • Creative Director • Art Director • Communication Designer
• Brand Manager • Marketing Manager • Communications Manager

• LED Roadway Lighting
• Sabian Cymbals

Letters of Recommendation:
• Wayne Blanchard, Senior Marketing Manager - Sabian Cymbals Ltd.
• Frank Ricketts, Vice President - The CCL Group
• Denis Lavoie, President - LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.

T: 1.902.405.7972

 CGD - Certified Graphic Designer, Graphic Designers of Canada

CGD - Certified Graphic Designer, Graphic Designers of Canada